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Pair of high detail antennas_ standard depth

Pair of medium/high detail antennas,_medium depth

Medium detail_high depth pair of antennas

    • In this section it's possible to choose the most suitable antennas for your surveys (up to 3 types of antennas can be selected)

      Please note that the following tips are generic and that many factors may affect the signal penetration range, expecially the permittivity and the dielettric constant of the material, as well as the general conditions of the environment.

      • 450 mhz Antennas : these high-detailed antennas are suitable for high profiling activities.

        Their operating depth is around 6 meters.

        300 mhz Antennas : these pair is a high/medium detailed antenna very useful for archaeological and geological surveys.

        Their operating depth is around 8/12 meters.

        120 mhz Antennas : a medium-detailed antennas very useful in geological researches.

        Their operating depth can reach 18/ 20 metres.

      • Different frequency antennas are available, please submit your specific requests
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    Different uses according to your needs

    standard trailed version, suitable for irregular and regular terrain
    Added odometer wheel for tomography measurements
    Able to work on moderately smooth and even terrain, it has a built-in odometer for measurements and computer support

      In this section you can find different options and choose the more suitable for your needs.

      GPR TORK 300 Standard 

      GPR TORK 300 with measurement wheel

      GPR TORK 300 with cart and inner measurement wheel

      As a guideline, the standard version can be used on uneven terrain but for shipbuilding and underground utilities we recommend the second version.

      The odometer is essential if you need to report precise measurements

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      Game Design

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      Targeted devices

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      TORK GPR450 or TORK GPR300 ?


      Tork gpr450
      Dragged or Tracked
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      Tork gpr300
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      TORK GPR450 : this kind of  GPR is ideal for making surveys on even and more or less regular terrains. Fell free to choose your  better solution just clicking on the relative  icon.

      TORK GPR450 is available mounted on a cart (with/ without the measurement wheel) or in the ''basic bundle'' (just dragged by a rod). 

      The antenna has a vertical scan (as in the image below) so it can detect even the smallest targets (anomalies such as tubes, underground utilities, tanks, pits, etc) up to 6 m depth, without blind spots right from the first centimeters of depth.

      It's a very precise and selective GPR : the antenna is shielded and this prevents incorrect reflections or overlaps even while working under canopies, closed rooms, tunnels.

      TORK GPR300 : This is a portable GPR and it's generally used to make surveys in any type ot terrain and most of the environments.

      It's the best device to work on irregular terrains, rocky walls, slopes and for archaeological and geological researches up to 20 m depth.

      You can choose the kind of antenna more suitable for your needs (120mhz, 300mhz, 450mhz) or selecting more than one to compare the results.

      Take a look at the picture below to see its angular scanning : 

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      Standard battery, autonomy about 3 hours

      Powered battery, autonomy about 8 hours

      Power bank battery, powers ground penetrating radar and computer, approximately 8 hours of autonomy

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      Which computer or tablet do you want to use?

      LAPTOP STANDARD : €300
      new standard device, 2 years warranty, preloaded software and drivers
      Refurbished and customized device for use with gprs, 2-year warranty like new
      Refurbished and customized device for use with gprs, 2-year warranty like new
      NO DEVICE : €0
      I intend to use a personal device (I want to check the degree of compatibility with you)

        • In this table we wanted to put a choice of devices that we normally use and that should be mounted on gpr systems.
        • What are the reasons to prefer a rugged system to a normal computer?
        • The laptop or tablet that we normally use in everyday life can provide formidable performance in standard and occasional outdoor use
        • They become quite problematic when it comes to working in extremely cold, hot and/or intensely bright environments.
        • Rugged systems are designed to operate outdoors, generally do not have moving parts (fans, logical hard drives, etc.) to avoid the failure of components in the event of bumps and falls, they also have resistant screens and it is very difficult to verify scratches or breakages even after accidental falls.
        • They also have a NIT degree and therefore a much higher brightness than standard devices : if 250/300 nits may be enough for one of our smartphones or computers, these computers, which have to work in outdoor environments especially in the presence of strong light reflections, have operating standards of around 1200/1600 nits (and even more). They allow you to view detected anomalies clearly on the screen without interference from sunlight.
        • They are also much more resistant to drops, very seldom, if ever, a Panasonic Rugged system has capitulated after several falls, we have been using them for several years on our systems without having encountered any problems of any kind
        • The Magnesium body completes and expands the quality of the models: they are in fact devices which, thanks to their body, have qualities of extreme robustness and are completely capable of dissipating heat without the need for fans and other cooling systems.
        • Our refurbished selection allows the user to acquire excellent devices, perfect from every point of view (2 year warranty)
        • Prices are very limited compared to the new one, considering that several thousand euros can be spent for such a system.
        • We urge you to strongly consider acquiring a Rugged Panasonic Refurbished.
        • Come and visit us: our professionals will be able to show you the difference in operational terms between a standard ground penetrating radar and a rugged one!

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        Military standard transport case, resistance to humidity. load and shock of any kind, IP67


        Backpackable / Trolley / hand transportable

        - Hermetic seal;

        - Automatic pressurization valve;

        - Double-step safety closures to facilitate opening;

        - Soft handle produced with a special compound to improve grip and comfort;

        - Double padlock predisposition;

        - Stackability system,

        - Trolley in highly resistant material

        - Very thick walls to ensure impact resistance;

        - Fixing points for various applications;

        - Zipper along the entire profile of the suitcase;

        - Nylon pins no corrosion problems;

        - Sponges cubed in the bottom and embossed in the lid

        - Shaped sponges

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          Additional sales and training services

          Theoretical and practical technical internship at our headquarters, to learn how to use ground penetrating radar and prospecting and analysis software

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          FINAL COST

          The estimated final price is :

          In this last step, we inform you that if you intend to send the form with the quotation, you will be able to simultaneously receive the same simulation on your email, as a possible reminder.

          Prices are 22% VAT excluded


          Discount :
          Total :

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